Enjoy our Star gazing Tour where we show you the most striking objects in the southern sky by means of a powerful telescope.  Depending on visibility, you will be amazed by the gas planet Jupiter with its moons, the rings of Saturn or the bizarre crater landscape of our moon.  These star tours are for all interested guests irrespective of prior knowledge in the field.  The best times to observe the sky are from 4 days after full moon to 3 days after new moon.  Outside this time window, the moon is too bright and outshines the weak objects in the early hours of the night sky.  Star gazing takes place after dinner by prior arrangement.  We have three observatories on Hakos and instruments as well as columns on which own equipment can be mounted which we rent to amateur astronomers.  The International Amateur Observatory (IAS) has a  base on Hakos.  This association gives amateur astronomers access to our magnificent night sky in one of the best places in the southern hemisphere, free from distracting stray light.  We also offer an Observatory Tour during the day with information on the various telescopes and instruments available on Hakos (by prior arrangement).  We also offer Sun observations through a specialised telescope by day!  You can look at the glowing sun disc, our nearest star, with its solar prominences:  these are flares of fire some 40 000 km high and visible at the edge of the sun.

4×4 Farm Tours are a highlight on Hakos.  On these excursions you can spot wildlife such as mountain zebra, oryx, kudu or baboons.  Through almost impassable terrain we visit our Quiver Tree forest which is a botanically exceptional area with an accumulation of tree aloes (Aloidendron dichotomum previously Aloe dichotoma) up to 7 m tall , bush tea (Myrothamnus flabellifolius), bushman candle (Sarcocaulon rigidum), mountain milk-bush (Euphorbia avasmontana) and others.  A different trip leads to the historic airfield and offers wonderful views over the mountainous countryside of the Great Western Escarpment.  On the way we pass the protected camel-thorn tree (Acacia erioloba) – our ‚cork-screw‘ – named after its unusual shape and the shepherd’s tree (Boscia albitrunca) – ‚the guardian‘ – on its rocky outcrop.  On a further trip through the paradise valley, you encounter our ‚petrified forest‘ and on reaching the watershed line, a majestic panoramic view of the mountain landscape reveals itself.  You could also hike to the ridge of the Hakos mountain range from here.  The 4×4 rides are dependent on the condition of our tracks as these become impassable at times during the rainy season.  As an option, you may also explore the difficult terrain with your own vehicle at your own risk.

Hakos offers walking and hiking opportunities for various fitness levels and range of interests or simply to explore the area.  The Planet Walk along with an evening star gazing tour, allows even non-astronomically orientated visitors a well-rounded introduction to astronomy.  Can you imagine a distance of over 4 billion kilometers?  This is how far it is from the earth to the outermost planet of our solar system, Neptune.  The planet walk allows the visitor to physically experience these dimensions as it corresponds to a scale representation between the objects of our solar system and their distances apart.  Starting from the farm house at the sun with a diameter of 1.24 m, you can walk through our solar system for 2 km, where the furthest planet Neptune is situated at the viewpoint ‚Walter’s Point‘.  Depending on fitness and sense of adventure, alternative hikes can be undertaken to the top of the Hakos Mountains, the waterfall, along zebra paths or just following the farm tracks.  The Landscape Interpretation Trail with info booklet gives you a background to the farming operation.  Trail descriptions are available for the following hikes:  Hakos Mountain Trail, Quiver Tree Trail, Moringa Trail, Post Tower Trail, River Trail, Waterfall Trail, Zebra Trail.

We offer excursions to neighbouring farms and further afield.  The following day trips can be arranged on-site:

  • The Hess project offers an insight into gamma-ray astronomy.
  • Savannah excursion with game viewing from an open 4×4 vehicle.
  • San paintings on Farm Göllschau and Farm Rooisand.
  • A contemplative walk in a labyrinth in the midst of huge granite rocks invites philosophical exchange.

Our Namib Desert Tour takes place with prior booking only, with a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 7 participants.  This is a 4/5 day tour starting from Farm Hakos.  Approaching via the Spreetshoogte Pass (wide vista into the Namib) we reach Sossusvlei (Dune Sea and Dead Vlei), Walvis Bay (Catamaran Sea Tour), Swakopmund (Old German coastal town and ‚Tommy’s Living Desert Tour‘), the Welwitschia area (unique desert plant – national plant of Namibia) and travel through the Namib Desert via the Kuiseb- and Gamsberg Pass back to Hakos.  We offer this tour exclusively to our Hakos guests.  An alternative 2/3 day tour to Sossusvlei can be arranged.

Whether it be game, bird watching or landscape – you are sure to find great photographic opportunities on the trails.  The Hakos Mountains offer a spectacular backdrop in the early morning hours with their play on shadows.  Depending on the season, bushes and trees create imaginative silhouettes and expose interesting rock formations.  The sunset draws the view into the far distance of the Namib desert and a breathtaking natural spectacle can be observed, especially during the rainy season.

On hot or windy days you can cool off in the indoor swimming pool.