Henning Observatory

The planning, design and the subsequent construction of this observatory was a joint project of Walter Straube and Hans-Henning Herder, a longtime astro-friend of the family.  This observatory is in operation since 2007.  It’s location offers a good all-round view.  The extraordinary roof construction, as seen in the image, offers optimal working conditions as the roof descends on a slope, exposing the entire horizon.  When closing the roof on rollers, a cleverly devised counterweight construction helps to limit the necessary force required.  The drive is electric but can also be operated by hand.  The observatory is a two-storey structure with storage space for transport boxes on the ground floor.  A staircase leads to the observation platform.  Two massive concrete pillars on their own foundations prevent any vibrations in the building being transmitted to the instruments.  Further features include separate power supplies for 12V and 230V for each of the two columns as well as permanently installed dimmable red night-vision lamps.

On the first pillar there is a GM2000 mount from 10Micron. This GoTo mount is equipped with absolute encoders in both axes and has an autoguider connection.
Instruments are mounted with a Losmandy 3″ rail from Baader. The control can be done either via the handbox, via Ethernet or the RS-232 interface.
Devices up to 50kg can be mounted; appropriate counterweights (4x 12kg and 1x 6kg) are available.

10Micron GM2000
10Micron GM2000

The mount can be optionally equipped with one of the following three telescopes:
8″ f/4 Carbo Newton from Telescope Service with 2″ Baader OAZ
12″ f/4 Carbo Newton from Orion UK with 2″ Baader OAZ
10″ f/8 Ritchey-Chretien from GSO with metal tube and 3″ MONORAIL focuser
A full-format coma corrector (GPU from Telescope Service) is available for the two Newtons.

8″ Carbon Newton f/4
12″ Carbon Newton f/4
10″ Ritchey-Chretien f/8

Current rental price per night: N$ 1260.00  (includes observatory, GM2000 mount and one of the 3 telescopes)
minimum rental period 3 nights

Please also note our general information for amateur astronomers.