Our CAMPSITE is located on the Great Western Escarpment of Namibia in a spectacular mountain landscape.  Adventurers and nature lovers have a stunning view into the vastness of the land including sightings of wildlife and may also enjoy magnificent sunsets.  With darkness falling, a brilliant night sky unfolds.  ‚Stylish and environmentally friendly‘ – that was our concept when rebuilding the campsite.  We offer you:

  • 4 campsites with shade and wind protection, barbecue facilities and a water connection
  • A pavilion that is suitable for groups and joint activities or can also be used in bad weather;  there is an indoor fireplace, tables and seating for 28 people, a kitchen area and storage space
  • Modern bathrooms with solar hot water
  • WiFi internet access
  • Designer compost toilets … yes, we do live in an arid country!
  • Scullery
  • Solar lighting in the communal area, but no power supply for 220V electrical appliances;  USB charging facility is available
  • Firewood should preferably be brought along or may be purchased at the farmhouse
  • Flyer download

Please note:  Since our astronomers may already begin with their astro-photography in the early evening hours, vehicles should not be used after sunset on the way to the farm house.  Similarly, torch lights should always be pointed down.